“Stanley Switlik students and staff are deeply indebted to our own guardian angel, Pops Stiglitz, and his friends. As the school year draws to a close, we realize that many of the special programs we were able to provide for our students are due to the generosity of Pops and his friends … Even in this difficult economy, Pops and his friends wanted to provide for our school. Dollars donated were used to provide reading incentives, attendance programs, extra books, and treats for the holidays. Switlik School staff and students are grateful for our many supporters who unfailingly see to it that our students have what they need to succeed at school.”

– Barbara Wright, Former Principle of Stanley Switlik

“For over thirty years, John “Pops” Stiglitz has served as a stalwart mentor and cheerleader for the Marathon schools and on Tuesday, September 11, 2007, he was honored by the school district for his unconditional devotion to our students. Marathon High School’s new Career and Technical Center will be aptly named, Pop’s Place.”

“There are a few people in this world known by only one name: Cher, Elvis, Madona and our very own Pops… On his last days on earth, I spent some time with him and we talked about all that he had done for the youth in Marathon. I told Pops that he had touched so many lives and that only in Heaven will he known the extent of his efforts. Pops looked directly at me and said “I am not ready to go, I am going to fight this to the end.” That’s our Pops, a fighter to the end.”

– Mark Hooper

“All the years spent with the school has been a joy and kept this old man young and for this I owe you and the community my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.”

– Pops Stiglitz